Best Interior Designers

Interior designers concern themselves with all things interior related and can provide services across all the other interior fields. They can provide something as simple as a design or styling service and depend on their niche can also provide detail drawings for construction purposes. Some interior designer even has a building team that undertakes the building side of the project.

No wonder this can be so confusing for clients! Explaining what it is we do could turn into quite a long conversation, so I have provided a spread of services that an interior designer often provides, but it is important to note that this can vary from interior designer to interior designer.

It is also important to note that many interior design businesses have qualified architects or technicians working alongside them, so they can offer a larger variety of services. Some interior designers are also builders and have other trade specialists amongst their team. 

Typically, interior designer’s can provide everything from space planning to décor designs for the interiors of a building and project manage the process to completion. They also, often include styling the end result as a complete service.

A typical interior designer will usually be able to undertake the following services:

  • Translating a brief into a design.
  • Work to budgets and negotiate project fees.
  • Create designs to suit a specific budget.
  • Provide presentations, mood, idea and sample boards to clients in order to explain ideas and get approval for finishes for all interior spaces for commercial, domestic and retail.
  • Design, specify and/or source finishes such as flooring, ceilings, wallpaper and paint for a project.
  • Design the layouts or space planning of buildings, usually to articulate an artistic and practical idea. (This may include moving walls, doors and windows).
  • Design and detail bespoke furniture and upholstery items such as headboards, chairs, sofas and built-in furniture.
  • Specify, source and supply furniture, fittings and equipment from trade-only sources and potentially pass on trade discounts to clients.
  • Provide tender documentation and information for pricing a project.
  • Project manage a project overseeing the installation of items including kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Provide turnkey or styling services in order to finish the project to attain the visualized and agreed end result.