Interior Stylist Role

Interior stylist focuses on making the end result absolutely perfect, but the interior stylist’s main role is to focus on the end result, whereas for an interior designer, the styling part is usually the final result or the icing on the cake and usually, a lot of work has been undertaken to transform a space prior to getting to this point (depending on the project of course).

An interior stylist’s role can vary quite a lot as they can work on commercial, retail and domestic projects but the majority of the time, interior stylists work for magazines on editorial projects or freelance for themselves. For example, they work with a “Styling Team” to showcase products like furniture, art and anything you can think of! Many interior stylists can also work alongside developers to showcase the finished product of a home before the sale (not to be confused with an interior stager’s role, however).

A stylish role would normally consist of the following.

  • 1. Interpreting a client brief, usually to sell a product or service for marketing purposes.
  • 2. Work with magazines for photoshoots, styling the spaces to showcase products.
  • 3.Can work alongside photographers to make the photo-shoot look fantastic.
  • 4. Depending on the project, can source furniture, props, sets and location.
  • 5. May be asked to decorate the space (but not always).
  • 6. Can have a creative directors role, depending on the brief.
  • 7. Can get involved in designing the space prior to the shoot, but making the photographs (or event) look specifically like the look they are going for is the main aim of a stylist’s work.