Interior Design Juby

How the Design Process Works

Interior Design Juby

Interior Design Juby

How the Interior Design Process Works.

Interior Design Services

I thought I would put together a blog on what happens when you get in touch with an Interior Designer.

Firstly, I’d like to say please don’t be scared!  We are just experts in our field, yet we are still human and just happen to know a lot about interiors, curtains, flooring, lighting, paint, wallpaper etc.  We absolutely love it when someone asks for help, advice and guidance with their project!

Interior Design Process Step One:

Once you have contacted by email or by telephone, please don’t be shocked that I may ask a lot of questions. I’m not being awkward I am just trying to unravel what Interior Decoration/Design work you are after.

Things I will ask:

  1. Location?
  2. Has the property been built? (If new)
  3. If not built, when will it be safe to access?
  4. What work do you require? (How many rooms?)
  5. Are we starting from scratch or do you have family heirlooms that you are keeping?
  6. How would you best describe your style?
  7. Who will be using your home? (We need to establish if this is for a family, or for example a bachelor pad)
  8. What colours do you like?
  9. What colours do you really dislike?
  10. Are you superstitious?
  11. Do you have pets?
  12. What budget do you have in mind?
  13. Many more may follow……

So please don’t be alarmed by the questions that you will be asked.  This is just to start building the picture for your Interior Design/Decoration, in making you a beautiful stylish home that you will fall in love with.

Interior Design Process Step Two:

I will arrange a site visit, this will take between one and two hours depending on the size of the project.

During this time I will take photographs, take copies of floor plans for new properties and take rough measurements to assist in pricing and designing.

We will also clarify the answers to the questions in step one.  This is just to ensure the right design brief has been taken.

We will also discuss your budget again to ensure you have an understanding of the costs.  I will also give you a copy of my Service Level Agreement (SLA) for you to read and sign.  This will lay out how the supply, make and fit process works, and what stages payments need to be made, so everything is open and above board and you have full confidence in what will be achieved and by when.

Interior Design Process Step Three:

This is when I do my work Designing your Interior Decoration; Selecting flooring, lighting, fabrics, paints, wallpapers and furniture etc.

When I have finished this stage and all of the samples have arrived, I will be in contact with you to arrange for me to show you what your proposed scheme will look like, and using samples and mood boards when required.

We will discuss the scheme in its entirety, and arrange to make changes if there are changes that need to be made.  If we are both happy, I will then engage with my trades team to go to the next stage.

Interior Design Process Step Four:

My carefully selected team of trade professionals will arrange to measure, make, fit, and deliver what is required to complete your scheme.  I will be with them on some of the site visits to ensure we are all sticking to the agreed design specification and time plan.

Once this has been completed we move to the final step.

Interior Design Process Step Five:

All work at this stage will have been completed.  I will do a final visit to your new beautiful home to ensure we are both happy with the outcome.

I hope that this blog has been of value to you with very briefly explaining the basic steps of our process in the Interior Design World.

If you have any further questions, or you think you wish for me to help you with your home improvements then please get in touch.

Speak soon,


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