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What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the enhancer, expansion together with the redesign of the inside of a residential or commercial property or possibly specified space in order to complete a style and an aesthetically satisfying surrounding, keeping it functional for the people using it. Juby Design by Kirstie offers award-winning Interior Designer The Cotswolds.

Exactly what is an Interior Designer?

A house interior designer is certainly an individual which creates, plans, researches, coordinates, as well as oversees the redesign and redecoration of a room or residential or commercial property. Interior design is a profession that involves analysis, conceptual development and creation, planning of the area and its use, site inspections and assessments, regular and ongoing communication with the stakeholders of the project, building and construction management, and implementation of the agreed design.

A fantastic interior designer will meet with you face to face in order to go over the areas you are wanting to transform. They will discuss your requirements, concepts, likes, dislikes and possible styles. They will then return with their suggestions and mood boards until a style and theme are agreed by you.

Why would you use an Interior Designer?

You may well work with an interior designer if you have made a decision to redecorate a space in your home and you do not have the creativity or maybe design skills to give it the look and feel you are searching for.

People may well use an interior designer if they are redecorating or converting an entire residential or commercial property and they want a theme or style all throughout, or again if they don’t feel they possess the design skills.

You may require an interior designer if it is a large project which you don’t have the time in order to focus on as well as manage throughout. An interior designer is going to project manage it through from start to end, including; managing the decoration, purchasing the components and also furnishings and dressing the rooms if that is the professional service you require and agree on.

Just what does an Interior Designer do?

Interior designers make interior spaces functional as well as attractive. They will make recommendations for deciding on furniture styles, colour schemes, wallpaper, lighting, pictures, artwork and also window coverings, for instance, curtains or blinds. They will evaluate your space requirements, precisely how you want to use the space as well as how you intend to use it when the project is complete. They read blueprints and will understand building codes as well as inspection guidelines, in addition to universal accessibility building and safety standards.

Exactly what qualifications do you need to be an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer should have a minimum of an HND, foundation degree or degree in Interior Design.
Steps to becoming an Interior Designer are normally:

  • Gain an HND, foundation degree or degree in Interior Design
  • Pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification exam
  • Build a portfolio of projects which makes it easy for you to demonstrate your skills your design style to your clients
  • Ongoing Interior Design Training as well as self-taught training to keep up to date with transitions within the sector, fashions as well as designs

Why should you use an Interior Designer?

  1. You are more likely to meet your budget and achieve the result you are looking for
  2. You are less likely to make expensive mistakes with colours and accessories
  3. You will have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for
  4. You will save time, headaches, and money in the long run

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds will:

  • Help you find and enhance your style. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you pinpoint your style and needs. Our suggestions and designs will create a home or space that reflects who you are. There is a myriad of design choices and our advice will always guide you to what will work best for you.
  • Every design project, small or large presents challenges and we will help you with these and any indecisions you may have. We have the expertise to come up with designs and solutions that work for you, solving any problems as they arise.
  • We prevent costly mistakes. There are so many choices out there and it is difficult to know which colour, paint, wallpaper, window dressing is best for you and your room to create the style and look you want. We have the design expertise and experience and will guide you to make the right choices.
  • We will simplify your life and will always make the most of what you have and your budget by doing the timely research to find what you need. We will do the groundwork for you, and when your project is done your home or business will be beautiful and functional.
  • We make sure the job gets done. As designers, we work with some of the very best painters, decorators, installers and contractors. During a project, we will make sure everything is completed and all the agreed design details have been taken care of and on time.
  • We will give you access to resources that are unavailable to you. There is a world of furnishings, fabrics, accessories that are “trade only” and working with us as your interior designers give you access to these.

Juby Interior Design Services in The Cotswolds

We are experts in our field and know everything you need to know about interiors, curtains, flooring, lighting, paint, wallpaper and contractors. We will give you an exceptional and bespoke service to help, advise and guide you through your interior design project.

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step One:

When you first contact Juby Design we will ask you a lot of questions to help us initially understand what you are trying and want to achieve in your room or property.

We will ask:

  • The location of your property
  • If the property is a new build or is it being redeveloped
  • When your property will be accessible
  • How many rooms you are looking to redesign
  • Are we starting from scratch or do you have family heirlooms or furniture that you are keeping?
  • How you would best describe your style
  • Who will be using your home or room
  • What will the room be used for?
  • What colours do you like?
  • What colours do you really dislike?
  • Do you have pets
  • What is your budget

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step Two:

We will arrange a site visit to meet with you and discuss what you are looking for. We will take photographs, take copies of floor plans for new properties and take rough measurements to assist in pricing and designing.

We will discuss step one in a lot of detail so we can really get a feel for what you are looking to achieve. This is a detailed design brief and taking the time at this point ensures the designs we create for you match what you are looking for.

We will discuss your budget to ensure our designs can meet your expectations and you understand our costs and services.

We will give you a copy of my Service Level Agreement (SLA). This includes how the supply, make and fit process works, and our payment process. The meeting enables you to ask any questions you may have and that everything is clear, open and above board.

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step Three:

This is where we go away and start your designs which includes; colour themes, flooring, lighting, fabrics, paints, wallpapers and furnishings.

When all the samples for your designs have arrived, we will arrange a second meeting to show you our proposed designs, using samples and mood boards so you can visually see our design concepts.

We will discuss the designs in their entirety and will make changes from the discussions we have had. When you are happy with your design we then engage with our trade team to go to the next stage.

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step Four:

Our carefully selected team of trade professionals will arrange to measure, make, fit, and deliver what is required to complete your design.  We will be with them for some of the site visits to ensure your agreed design specification and time plan is met.

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step Five:

The trades come to your property to fulfil our requests. We will arrange this with them and you to make sure the times are suitable for you.

Juby Interior Design in The Cotswolds Step Six:

All work at this stage will have been completed. We do a final visit to your new beautifully designed home or business to ensure we are both happy with the result.

If you have any further questions, or you would like to make a design visit appointment for your home or business improvements anywhere in The Cotswolds then please get in touch on 0117 370 6427 or you can visit us at here.

We are happy to create designs and work with you on any size project including single rooms if that is what you are looking for. Take your first step in making your home or business beautiful and usable by giving us a call today and instructing the services of the best Interior Designer in The Cotswolds.

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