Kitchen Interior Design trends you’ll see in 2019.


Staying abreast of the latest trends can be both tiring and confusing in the fast-paced world of design, where what’s cool one day can suddenly become passé when a magazine or influencer decides it is done.

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Kitchen Design Trends.
Many people are now pursuing healthier lifestyles and they care deeply about the source, preparation and sustainability of the food they eat. However, designers and end consumers are beginning to explore the same standards of wellness via actual kitchen design. The evolving concept of ‘The Wellness Kitchen’ is slowly transforming kitchen design to include:
Recycled, sustainable and ultra-hygienic materials.
Designs and layouts that foster social interactions and nourish family relationships.
Greater transparency that makes chilled food and other provisions more visible and easier to access – acting as a gentle visual reminder to include healthy ingredients in meals and helping us all to build a habit of awareness (because ‘out of sight is out of mind’).
An abundance of living produce that is actually grown in the kitchen in small scale indoor urban farming units, turning kitchens into a vibrant ecosystem.      Related image      The first step towards establishing ‘The Wellness Kitchen’ is to focus on simplicity. Simplicity has a therapeutic effect because it results in an ordered, organised, uncluttered and tranquil environment and that is in itself soothing for the eyes and brain. It leans towards a minimalist style that is pared back, however it is not austere. Instead it looks and feels relaxed, light and airy. Ways to fulfil this include the use of:

  • Warmer, mid-tone woods that bring visual warmth.
  • Soothing pastels and neutrals such as Stonewashed Blues, muted sage Green and Rose-Beige, Oatmeal, early morning Mist Greys and, most importantly, shades of Apricot. Apricot and Peach shades will be key colours in 2019.
  • Chalky, smooth, Matte finishes that are visually soft.

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