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5 Paint Colours to watch out for in 2020.

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5 Paint Colours to watch out for in 2020, with it, the atmosphere of daring. Although it is a universal theme, the free use of colours has never been so high in the creative circles. So much so that experts estimate that this year people will dare as never before in their homes. That is, those walls that have always been white will probably be dyed by shades full of personality – the floor and ceiling, surfaces for years forgotten when decorating the house, should also enter the chromatic dance.

Red , darker richer tones, woody and warm.
Moody Maroon.

Moody Maroon.

In 2020, red will be one of the strongest colours, but it will emerge in darker, rich tones, close to reddish-brown. Woody and warm nuances should be seen in both large furniture and smaller items, continuing the use of a darker palette in the decor, which remains in vogue.

Metallic black kitchen.
Metallic Black.

Kitchen Metallic Black.

Mainly black environments have never been so high – even worth painting the ceiling! To make everything more interesting, surfaces that bring the metallic glow are joined to other well matte ones to create a game of perception.

Browns rusts to warm up your room for the winter.
Browns and Rusts to warm up the winter.

Bedroom Browns and Rusts to warm up the winter.

Pulling red or grey depending on the case, ranging from glossy brown to dark brown through the terracotta, brown shades will still be present in the coming months.

But especially in associations, especially with shades of dark yellow, as in these moods of rooms. Red Tuscan earth and yellow turmeric join together for a cosy atmosphere in this room. The linen duvet cover has a significant “comfort” advantage: it does not retain heat!

Yellow and spice warmer mustard's
Yellow in Spicy version.

Dining room Yellow in Spicy version.

Like last year, yellow is not the colour that dominates in the catalogues of winter 2019/2020. But if it does not jump to the eyes, it is none the less present.

And if it is relatively discreet, it will be used this winter in, particularly warm shades, pulling mustard, ochre or walleye. Sofas, throws, bed linen, lampshades, curtains are illuminated, appearing on neutral backgrounds like grey, or dark, like dense green or duck blue.

Green decorative accessories.
Green, a safe bet.

Dining room Green, a safe bet.

Safe, and even unavoidable. In the wake of the current craze for green indoor plants, green is needed with its procession of nature evocations. Green, therefore, to adopt without moderation, in the form of paint, textile, crockery or decorative accessories more or less dark. These empire green velvet table armchairs add a chic touch to a dining room. But preferably in muted shades, especially when it comes to covering a large area. The plates in green sandstone create a table resolutely in the trend of colours 2020. For the winter of 2020, it will be found in the green hunter or forest, grey-green, bronze-green and, it is new, emerald green.

So there you have it, 5 Paint Colours to watch out for in 2020. more ideas can be found here

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