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Interior Design Cheltenham by Juby Design

Juby Design by Kirstie is an acclaimed interior designer in Cheltenham who will guide you through the design and decoration of a room or property, helping you to depict your style to achieve your desired result. If you are looking for Interior Design Cheltenham give us a call on 0117 370 6427 and one of our design team will be happy to help.

Interior Design Cheltenham

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the development and makeover in order to revamp the rooms of a building or perhaps an individual room to achieve a style and also a cosmetically satisfying environment whilst making it functional for the people using it.

Why should you use an Interior Designer?

  1. You are very likely to meet your budget and also accomplish the result you are looking for
  2. You are much less likely to make costly oversights with colours and accessories
  3. You will have an expert working with you, someone that will make sure the end result is precisely what you were anticipating
  4. You will save time, frustrations, and money in the long run

Typical Interior Design Styles

A great starting point with regard to an interior design project is for you to find out about styles and ways in which they stand apart from one another. This helps you when you are explaining the style you are looking for or vice versa when you meet your interior designer.

  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Traditional
  • Transitional

There are additionally numerous furniture styles and these might be mixed and matched with your overall interior design style.

  • Contemporary
  • Retro
  • Modern
  • Art Deco
  • Rustic
  • Antique
  • Traditional
  • Vintage

Exactly why would you have an Interior Designer?

You may use an interior designer whenever you have recently decided to redecorate a room in your home and you don’t possess the creativity or maybe design skills in order to give it the look and feel you are seeking.

People may well use an interior designer if you are redecorating or converting an entire residential or commercial property and you desire a theme or style all throughout.

You might need an interior designer if it is a big venture which you do not have the time to concentrate on and manage throughout. An interior designer will project manage it through from start to finish incorporating, managing the decoration, purchasing the components and furnishings and dressing the areas if that is the service you agree on.

Just what is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is simply an individual which develops, plans, researches, coordinates, and also manages the redesign and redecoration of a room or residential or commercial property. Interior design is a profession which includes things like analysis, conceptual development and creation, planning of the room as well as its use, site inspections and evaluations, regular and ongoing interaction with the stakeholders of the project, construction management, and implementation of the agreed design.

A good interior designer will consult with you to examine the rooms you are planning to transform to cover your requirements, ideas, likes, dislikes and possible concepts and they will then return with their suggestions and mood boards up until a concept and theme are agreed by you.

What exactly does an Interior Designer do?

Interior designers make interior spaces practical and attractive. They will make suggestions when it comes to opting for furniture styles, colour schemes, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, pictures, artwork and also window coverings, for instance, curtains or blinds.  These experts will assess your space requirements, how you use the space and just how you want to use it when the project is complete. They review blueprints and will certainly understand building codes and inspection guidelines, in addition to universal accessibility building and safety standards.

Just what qualifications do you need to be an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer should have a minimum of an HND, foundation degree or degree in Interior Design.

The Process to become an Interior Designer would typically be:

  1. Gain a HND, foundation degree or degree in Interior Design
  2. Pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification exam
  3. Establish a portfolio of projects which makes it easy for you to show your capabilities your design flair to your customers
  4. Ongoing Interior Design Training and self-taught training to keep up to date with innovations within the industry, trends and designs

Just how much does an Interior Designer charge?

The cost for hiring an interior designer differs a great deal and will be based upon the amount of work and input required from them, as well as the size of the project. Some Interior Designers will bill by the hour and some for the entire project. You should always ask for a price estimate before signing a contract with them in order to comprehend exactly how their costs are broken down. We would recommend you request a fixed price estimate with respect to the entire project to ensure their charges don’t spin out of control, although some interior designers will simply bill by the hour.

In the event that they primarily charge by the hour always ask for a weekly invoice detailing the hours they have worked on your project and exactly what they have carried out within these hours. You will pay for their time in addition to the cost for furnishings, accessories, artwork and also any decorating materials, so again we recommend that any kind of materials or items are broken down on their bill.

Interior Design Mood Boards

A mood or inspiration board is a montage of ideas which are made use of by interior designers to assist you to see the look, feel and style they are aiming for. A mood board will group together colours, fabric swatches and materials to prevent any misunderstandings that can arise from trying to verbally describe a design idea.  This allows you to seethe colour and material combinations to assist you to see how they are going to aesthetically work together.

A mood board is a wonderful approach for an Interior Designer to present their ideas of colours and materials to get their customers opinions and input, which in turn enables them to modify or amend their ideas to get a final agreement on the project design.  This also ensures their customers feel part of the project and their suggestions and input are being listened to.

Interior design mood boards are at the same time a terrific method of gaining insight into the thought process behind a designer’s decisions. A good interior designer will bring a couple of mood boards along with them with distinctive designs and colours for their customer to look and feedback on.

A mood board will showcase a compilation of material examples, paint samples, and even inspiring pictures and they should show the client precisely what their end project will look like, allowing them to request modifications and talk about their design ideas using a visual aid.

Interior Design Colours

Colour, just like lighting, will make or break a space or room and selecting the appropriate colours is such a fundamental part of interior design.

Colour is split into two classifications: warm and cool tones.

  • Warm tones are the reds, oranges and yellows and if used professionally can energise a room
  • Cool tones are the blues, greens and purples generally produce quiet and more soothing ambiences

Whenever choosing wall and floor covering colours always bear in mind what the area is most likely to be used for. If you wish to maintain the ambience of the room and the people using it feeling energised then warm tones may be something to think about. If you are looking for the area to feel relaxed as well as tranquil then you need to consider cooler tones. Use colour to help you achieve a cosmetically pleasing appearance whilst making it easy for the people making use of it to feel exactly what you need them to.

Our reactions to various colours are built into our genes and an accomplished and good interior designer will certainly know precisely what colours will thoroughly alter an experience of an area, use it in their designs and be able to talk to you about reasons why they have selected the colours that they have.

Interior Design Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in a space and getting it right will really supply the area an ambience and feeling. Getting it wrong will alter the look and feel of the room in an instance so illumination is certainly an essential component to interior design.

Lighting incorporates the use of artificial light lamps and light fixtures along with the natural light from doors and windows. Lighting is additionally a vital component for outside landscaping projects.

Interior designers work with colour collections, room size, availability of natural light, lighting and furniture selection and these elements are all important and come together when lighting is correct. Lighting will completely transform a room into a seamless blend of useful functionality and style.

Always keep that in mind lighting in a home or room will alter the mood and when right the perceived size of it.

One major function of lighting in the indoor environment is functionality. Lighting needs to serve a function as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. Chandeliers are not solely used in sizeable, open hallways, entrances and rooms as a result of their centrally themed positioning but in addition, they provide superb light for any space.

Making use of lighting should complement the colours and home furnishings in a room, always bear in mind darker shades will make a room feel smaller sized whilst lighter colours, as well as good lighting, will expand the feel of a room. The illusion of space is determined by light reflecting off the walls and some lighting is much better at this in comparison to others. Directional lighting can soften the wall colours, therefore, this may be something to contemplate. Recessed, downward glow lighting illuminates the floor and not the wall surfaces and lights hung from the centre of a room or wall lighting will deliver ambient illumination. A good interior designer will talk to you in depth about lighting and will understand the importance of getting it right.

Hints and tips when hiring an Interior Designer

It’s a good idea to contact a few Interior Designers as you will typically get a good feel for the one which will go well with your project, needs and style.

An Interior Designer should always request your input and provide you various styles and colour schemes for you to choose from. If you like some aspects of what they offer you but not others speak to them about it and what concepts they have which will change it to provide you what you are looking for.

A good Interior Designer will do a detailed meeting with you to comprehend your desires as well as exactly what you are looking for and consult with you a number of times until you have settled on the final design to make certain you more than happy with their proposition.  Do not hesitate to say if it really isn’t what you are looking for as a good designer ought to be able to take exactly what you have said and adapt it to give you the finish look you are striving for.

Always remember a competent and experienced Interior Designer will have client reviews and some will offer for you to go and see some of the projects they have worked on or perhaps for you to see photos of them from start to finish, so you get a good idea of their variation of executed work.

The History of Juby Interior Design Cheltenham

Kirstie initially started in the design world over 25 years ago. Her experience has included working within a team for a huge organisation which she then advanced onto managing a team of 5 designers for 22 years. Working for a substantial company she had the good fortune of working on extraordinary properties in the Cheltenham area and beyond, from famous personalities to royal households and various other.  The most fulfilling projects for her was observing families falling back in love with their homes or rooms, altering just a property into a unique, beautiful and private home or changing a business property into one which staff members can’t wait to go to and love working in.

Kirstie started Juby Design after working for over 2 decades in a large organisation which she adored, however, she began to go up against stipulations on totally profit based margins and she felt this then interfered with her artistic talent. She needed to be free to establish styles and source products for her clients that would enhance and transform their area or property. Her passion for interior design, as well as the design independence, resulted in her launching Juby Design who now develop beautiful designs to meet all pockets and budgets.

Juby Interior Design Cheltenham

We are experts in our area and know everything you need to know about interiors, curtains, flooring, lighting, paint, wallpaper and contractors. We will supply you an extraordinary and bespoke service to assist, advise and direct you through your interior design project.

Juby Interior Design Cheltenham will:

  • Guide you find and enhance your style.  Our staff possess the knowledge and experience in order to help you determine your style and needs. Our tips and styles will produce a home or space that mirrors who you are. There is a multitude of design possibilities and our recommendations will always steer you to exactly what will work best for you.
  • Every single design project, minimal or large presents challenges and we will assist you with these and any uncertainties you could have.  Our team have the know-how to come up with designs and resolutions that work for you, dealing with any dilemmas as they arise.
  • We prevent costly errors. There are numerous options available and it is difficult to know which colour, paint, wallpaper, window dressing is most ideal for you and your room to develop the style and look you want. We possess the design expertise and expertise and will guide you to make the appropriate choices.
  • We will simplify your life and will always maximise what you have and your budget by undertaking the timely research to identify what you need. We will do the groundwork for you, and when your project is executed your home or business will be beautiful and functional.
  • We make sure the work gets done. As designers, we collaborate with many of the very finest painters, decorators, installers and contractors. During a project, we will make certain everything is undertaken and all the agreed design details have indeed been taken care of and on time.
  • We will give you access to resources that are generally unavailable to you. There is a world of furnishings, fabrics, accessories that are “trade only” and working with our team as your interior designers give you easy access to these.

Interior Design Cheltenham Step One:

The first time you call Juby Design our experts will ask you a number of questions in order to help us initially understand exactly what you are trying and intend to achieve in your space or property.

We will ask:

  1. The location of your home or business
  2. If the residential or commercial property is a new build or is it being redeveloped
  3. When your home or business will be accessible
  4. How many rooms you are wanting to renovate
  5. Are we starting from scratch or do you have family heirlooms or furniture that you are keeping?
  6. Ways in which you would best describe your style
  7. Who will be using your home or room
  8. Exactly what will the room be used for?
  9. What colours do you like?
  10. Exactly what shades do you absolutely object to?
  11. Do you have household pets
  12. What is your budget

Interior Design Cheltenham Step Two:

We will arrange a site visit so as to meet with you and go over exactly what you are looking for. We will take photographs, take hard copies of floor plans when it comes to brand new properties and take rough measurements to assist pricing and designing.

We will discuss step one in a lot of detail so we can really get a feel for what you are aiming to achieve. This is a thorough design brief and taking the time at this point makes sure the designs we produce for you go well with what you are looking for.

We will discuss your budget to make sure our designs can meet your expectations and you understand our costs and professional services.

We will give you a copy of our Service Level Agreement (SLA). This incorporates how the supply, make and fit procedure works, and also our remittance process. The meeting enables you to ask any questions you probably have and that everything is very clear, open and above board.

Interior Design Cheltenham Step Three:

This is where we go away and initiate your designs which includes; colour themes, floor coverings, illumination, textiles, paints, wallpapers and also furnishings.

The moment all the samples for your designs have arrived, we will organise a meeting in order to show you our proposed designs, putting to use samples and mood boards so you can visually see our design concepts.

We will discuss the designs in their entirety and will make revisions from the discussions we have had. When you are happy with your design we then engage with our trade team to go to the next stage.

Interior Design Cheltenham Step Four:

Our diligently selected team of trade professionals will arrange to measure, make, fit, and deliver what is needed to complete your design. We will be with them for several of the site visits to make sure that your agreed design requirements and time plan are fulfilled.

Interior Design Cheltenham Step Five:

The trades come to your home to complete our requests. We will arrange this with them and you to make sure the times are good for you and will check throughout the project it is being done as needed and to the agreed design.

Interior Design Cheltenham Step Six:

All work at this specific stage will have been finished. We will perform a final visit with you to your newly designed home or business in order to ensure we are both delighted with the outcome and you sign it off.

Contact Juby Interior Design Cheltenham

If you have any additional queries, or perhaps you wish to arrange a design visit consultation for your residential property or business improvements anywhere in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas then feel free to get in touch on 0117 370 6427 or you can visit us here.

We are more than happy to develop designs and team up with you on any size project including single rooms if that is what you are looking for. Take your first step in helping make your home or business stylish and attractive by calling us today and instructing our professional Interior Design Cheltenham Services.

Interior Design Cheltenham

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