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What is the first thought that comes to your mind on hearing Greece ? Let me guess.. sun, sea, Santorini, maybe Mykonos. What about the Greek interior design?

Chromatically inspired by nature and rooted in simplicity and openness, Greek traditional interior design is a glorious example of less is more. When looking to create a traditional Greek-inspired style of home decor it is essential to draw on natural colour palette and materials while taking into consideration key characteristics of the style. These include symmetrical balance through shape, pattern, texture and colour, harmony to create a sense of cosiness and restfulness, emphasis primarily through gilding as well as nature-inspired proportion and scale that follow the Golden Section principles.


On the outside, the traditional Greek home features front-gable design, whitewashed walls with vibrant blue-coloured wooden windows and decorative columns reminiscent of the ancient Greek structures. The white and blue colour scheme is typically continued on the inside, where an almost pure-white background is paired with accents in various tones of blue, from sky blue, turquoise and pale azure to navy blue, cobalt blue and ultramarine. Other suitable choices for accents or furniture include intense shades of green inspired by the lush vegetation as well as gold and purplish red tones inspired by sunlight and wildflowers native to Greece such as the vine-like bougainvillea, crocus flower and wild orchid. Stone colours also add more depth to the neutral colour scheme.


Traditional Greek interior decor encompasses natural stone flooring, especially marble or limestone to create a warm look in tune with nature. Area rugs featuring stripe patterns usually with flowers, trellis and classic motifs are used instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, lending the home a rustic feel.


Double hung wooden windows typically with six panes in each half are a common feature of Greek traditional interior design. Multi-purpose interior shutters either in earth tones or various shades of blue are an essential element of the style, being used to control excessive sunlight, to enhance the privacy of the home and to add a splash of colour to the neutral background.


Wooden furniture such as tripod tables and stools are common with the Greek-inspired style of home decor. When choosing furniture, consider simple yet refined items with subtle curves and textured fabrics, woven or patterned. Select a sofa with simple, soft lines, a simple bed featuring woodwork adorned with carving and embroidered tapestry as well as open, airy side chairs. Glazed pottery and coloured glassware are typically used as accessories.

Decorative Columns.

To create an authentic Greek look, use decorative, faux columns inside for aesthetic appeal rather than functional support. Try a free-standing column as a pedestal to hold a sculpture or a planter or columns framing the fireplace. Bold moldings, trim, heavy cornices, wide friezes and cast plaster ornaments resembling classical decorative motifs around the surface of the ceiling are also popular features of the traditional Greek style.

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