Interior Designs for your Bedroom.

Beautiful Interior Designs for your Bedroom. Luxury Bedroom
Luxury Bedroom.

Do you know the secret to an Instagrammable bedroom interior design? From velvet furniture to standout lighting, here are a few ideas to smarten up your bedroom.

Luxury bedroom interior designs.

There are many ways you can transform your bedroom interior design space into a tranquil, stylish place to help you unwind at the end of the working day. From accessories to the right paint colour, get inspiration for your bedroom below. There’s bedroom interior designs here for everyone…

Layered textures in bedroom interior designs.
Layered textures.

Layered textures in bedroom interior designs.

Play around with feel-good layered textures and fabrics on your bed for a cosy, glamorous look and will this give you the chance to get creative with colours. After that it will create an incredibly grown-up feeling as your bedroom interior design should be a sanctuary above all.

How the bedroom interior designs process works

Bedrooms are traditionally described as private rooms rather than public and are now being shared more widely. Inspire others as to how you have created your sanctuary and sense of comfort through layered throws, blankets and textured accent pillows.

Feature walls in bedroom interior designs.
Feature Wall.

Feature walls in bedroom interior designs.

A surefire way to create a statement in your room (and on your Instagram page) is to opt for a bold feature wall. Supercharge your decorating scheme with a vibrant wallpaper or pop of paint.

Kevin Ell is the trade specialist we use for all wall finishes.

Remember: a feature wall is a great way to add a touch of creativity without decorating the entire room. If you’re not feeling brave enough to paint every wall, choose just one. You’ll be amazed at how it transforms your space.

‘Pair your beautiful bed with bright bed linen, or a vibrant statement wall for maximum Instagram effect.

Bedside lighting in bedroom interior designs.
Bedside lighting.

Bedside lighting in bedroom interior designs.

When opting for bedroom lighting, don’t be afraid to go bold. Using the ceiling lights to hang down over your bedside tables adds a great feature and also leaves extra space on your bedside cabinets.

Luxury bedding in bedroom interior designs.
Luxury bedding.

Luxury bedding in bedroom interior designs.

Soft, luxurious bedding can drastically transform your bedroom space. When choosing yours, opt for decorative quilts, delightfully soft throws and scatter cushions.

Luxury Bedding

‘Little extra details can really turn your bedroom around. A decorative quilt, throw or blanket – or even two – will finish the bed off beautifully. Fold your throw neatly and drape over the bed, making sure to reveal a generous amount of each layer to avoid it looking too fussy,’

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