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Why do people need an Interior Designer?

Several reasons why they need an interior designer, some of them don’t have the time I’m or inclination themselves, others are worried about making a costly mistake and some people think they can do it themselves and then feel like they’re drowning in the selection and some just don’t know where to start.

Interior Choices
Interior Choices

The Meeting

Strangely enough most customers apologise on our first meeting. It can be very difficult making sense of all the different trends and options currently in the market, and with these changing every season I can understand why a new customer would apologise.  

For over 28 years nearly every customer has become overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. It can be difficult to start a new project and to know where to start. 

The Agony of Design Choice??
The Agony of Design Choice??

The Conclusion

My role then is to put the client at ease and let them know it isn’t unusual to feel confused. I will then guide them through the process of what happens and when. After discussing their project, depending on where the project is starting from ie, is it a blank canvas, I can then identify the client’s design signature. This is built from asking many questions and from the client answering the online questionnaire.  

For more detail then please read my blog. ‘Why Hire An Interior Designer’

Please look out for my next blog on what happens next?

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