Covid19 update from Juby Interior Design

How I am working during #COVID19.

How I can work and advise you.

This is an unprecedented time, so I thought that I would reach out to you and offer a possible solution in supporting your design aspirations during the lock-down. And until we can all be safe from this terrible COVID 19 virus.

Of course, some of my usual ways of working for example home consultations and progression meetings face to face cannot go ahead. But with us being in a digital age we can do a live video call. So a large proportion of schemes can still go ahead. Of course, installation and delivery will be on-hold, but it’s not going to be forever.

With now spending more time in your safe space. You may have a burning desire to kick start a new home refresh. Then please get in touch here and we can find a way forward. For provoking thoughts then please look at my previous blogs or complete my questionnaire which will help you think about your project in a different way.

Stay safe everyone, please do what has been asked of us #stayalert #controlthevirus #savelives. Its in our gift to do so.


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