Interior trends for 2020…

The main objective in the decoration during 2020:
Proposals in interiors during the next year seek a common goal: to give the house a comfortable look and inspired by nature.
Due to trends decorating homes inspire materials such as wood and lots of vegetation, which in 2020 give a bright decoration, as metals like silver, gold, come with force.
As I mentioned, the common goal to decorate houses will be full of ideas and extremely cosy proposals for the use of textiles and ethnic details that allow us to give a personalised touch thanks to the variety of options.

Trends of decoration 2020: division of environments with natural materials.

UnUnlike in previous years in which open spaces with communicated environments, in 2020, we see designs that opt otherwise. The trend is to look for divisions that grant greater privacy, intimacy to each environment so that they are welcoming.

Trends to decorate your Kitchen in 2020: more intimate and welcoming environments.

To decorate your kitchen, if you are thinking of renovating it soon, what do you think about this proposal? Combine black colour with metals and natural materials.
Black is an exquisite, sophisticated and avant-garde colour, which makes the kitchen super attractive.
In order not to cause an overwhelming sensation, this kitchen is balanced by the brightness of metals and the presence of some plants.

Decorating trends 2020: accessories.

How to decorate the house? What accessories to use? Ethnic motifs take their place in the interior decoration of 2020, so it is the perfect moment to exhibit the pieces you have acquired during your travels. The presence of objects and accessories from other cultures adds a touch of magic and adventure to home decoration.

Decoration trends 2020 for bedrooms: upholstered headboards.

How do you decorate the bedrooms in 2020? The upholstered headboard is the trend for next year’s bedrooms. Whether upholstered or coated, do not hesitate to renew the look of your bed with these trends.

Colour combinations in interior decoration in 2020: green and pastel pink.

How to combine colours on the walls and in the furniture of the home? In this year that almost begins, the soft and delicate tones of pastel colours, especially roses and greens, continue to trend.

This combination of colours can be used in dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms or lounge. If you combine these colours with natural materials in the furniture, you create exactly the concept of the main proposal 2020: natural and welcoming environments to inhabit.

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