Next stage of business: 1st Renovation Project. #Exciting

The Next Step

So last Friday (7th June 2019) was the next step for Juby Design. This was always going to be phase 2 of the business and I’m so happy to be here.

Luckily, I found this property and secured it before it went to auction. It’s old, tired, currently very unpleasant and smelly, but has amazing potential. Thank you for my loyal trades that will have to put up with me and my demands, I’m sure I will be driving you all mad over the next month while I work well under pressure.

Beautiful Wales

This is such a pretty area! I have found out a little history of the town and thought I would share it with you.

So, this is our building on the left of the picture in the 1900.

In the 1600’s the first scars appeared on the hillsides; for four centuries this area was a mainstay for the Industrial Revolution, sacrificing its woodlands for charcoal. Its green hills used for iron forges, coal mines, tips and slag heaps, tram-roads and the railway line. With heavy industries declining in the 21st century, the beauty of the hills are again evident. Insights still remain on the poverty and wealth of the workers and their masters.

Pack-Horse Bridge, this little beauty is behind the building.

Although covered with a concrete surface and a modern handrail and fence, the Bridge is a well-preserved example of a 17th century pack-horse bridge and comprises single-span, stone-built arch some 10.5m long, 2.2m wide.
The earliest known record of the bridge is found in a survey of the boundaries and customs of the manor of Wentsland and Bryngwyn (of which the parish of Llanhilleth formed a part) dated 1659:

My Trades

So, today my trades are starting… Images to follow, as you can imagine its been a busy few days..

Thank you for taking time to read.


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